Welcome To Our Library

  This manual entitled “Know Your Library” gives an overall view of the library facilities in Mahadevananda Mahavidyalaya. We are providing library services to all users through IT based system.
The college posses a stock of 18,967 books on different topics and subjects and a number of journals and periodicals in its spacious and computerised library.
  Library Orientation: What and Why  
  You are heartily welcome to the College Library and we are glad to receive you amongst us. The purpose of this guide as a part of the library orientation programme which is help to know the College Library System along with its various services being catered to you.  
  Before becoming the member of the College Library, you have already become a member of the College family. Let me give you a brief history of the institute. Mahadevananda Mahavidyalaya was established in 1968 by Swami Jyotirmoyananda Giri Maharaj in the sacred memory of his guruji Swami Mahadevananda Giri Maharaj. In early date, the building was set up as “Chhatrabas” which was known to us as “Bisuddhananda Chhatrabas” of the Bholananda Ashram under the secretary ship of Swami Biswarananda Giri Maharaj. Bholananda Ashram which is the main architect of this college. The College goes into the Pay Packet scheme in 1978. The college library is now located in the Ist floor of the main building with an area of 1522.1 sq ft. (approx). The library of the Mahavidyalaya has been running since the inception of the college itself in 1968. The library began its journey with the help of a very small number of books of only science faculty. Now all streams such as Science, Arts & Commerce are taught in this college.    
  Library System and Services    
  The College is proud of its library. With its foundation, the library started its functioning.    
  At first, Card Catalogue of books was prepared. Of late, we are providing    
  Machine Readable Catalogue which is used by the students as well as by the teaching staff.    
  There is a well equipped reading room for students and teachers separately. Library management software has been installed.    
  Reading and borrowing facilities are available to the students and the staff of the college.    
  A reprography machine is installed in the library for providing photocopying service.    
  At present the central library has over 20356 volumes of books including textbooks, reference books, career guidance books, twenty six bound volumes of journals, 65 CD and there are a few volumes non book materials such as magazines, career guidance periodicals, reports, maps, etc. In our collection, apart from purchasing of books, there are some books come from donations and complimentary from book publishers.    
  • Internet facility is available.
  • Generator facility is available.
  • CCTV for security is also arranged in library.
  • Circulation is done totally by the software.
  • Membership is done through the software.
  Library Software    
  We have installed Libsys (LSease) software. Databases of books, journals are created. Facilities for searching databases are available to all users.    
  Library Hours    
  Monday to Friday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. to 1.45 p.m.

Borrowing Hours:
Monday to Friday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

Library remains closed on holidays.
  The members of the library:
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Non-teaching staff
  • Bonafide research workers of other institutes may be permitted to use the library on request through proper channel.
Each member of the library is issued a computerized card with bar coding and with this card the member can borrow books as well as they may use reading room. The Card is not transferable and must be produced to borrow books or to use textbook, reference books etc in the reading room.
  How you will be a member    
  • After taking admission in first year, you are to submit only a photocopy of pay slip with FULL ADDRESS in BLOCK LETTER with PIN NUMBER, including FATHER’S NAME, MOBILE NUMBER at the Librarian’s desk.
  • After a week a membership card for three years will be issued to you verifying yours original PAY SLIP.
  • After stipulated time, students may avail membership opportunity by giving late fine as per library committee decision.
  • The availed library card in first year will be renewed after getting promotion to the 2nd year or 3rd year, BUT THE CARD WILL NOT BE PREPARED/RENEWED JUST BEFORE THE DAYS OF FORM FILLING UP.
  Borrowing Privileges of the Members    
  • The work of registration of library members is carried out at the librarian’s desk in the Central Library.
  • All categories of members except the casual users are entitled to borrow books from the Central Library.
  • All categories of members except staff (as per library committee decision) are to pay overdue charges for late return of the books; and to submit the replacement copy or to deposit the replacement cost (now three times) of the book in case of loss of book.
  Caterogy of Members Entitled to borrow from the Central Library Time  
  Students(H) 3 21 days  
  Students(G) 3 21 days  
  Full Time Teachers 10 90 days  
  Contractual Teachers 10 90 days  
  Part-Time Teachers 5 30 days  
  Guest Teachers 5 30 days  
  Non-teaching Staff 3 30 days  
  Casual Non-Teaching Staff 1 30 days  
  Personal Belongings    
  • There is a bag keeping counter in the Central Library.
  • Personal Belongings e.g. bag; personal book, portfolio etc. should be kept at the bag keeping counter before going to circulation counter as well as going to the reading room.
  • Valuable belongings like cash, ornaments, mobile phone etc. should not be kept in the counter. Library shall not be held for such losses.
  • Facilities provided for keeping personal belongings at the bag keeping counter can be enjoyed only for the period the keeper is actually present in the library.
  Reading Rooms    
  There is a reading room in the Central Library on the First floor of the main building. Students are advised to consult the textbooks, reference books, journals/magazine, Career Guidance books, etc. in the reading room submitting the membership card to the Circulation Counter.    
  Books for Loan    
  To get a book for home reading, users should write the name of the author, title of the book, Call Number, Accession Number etc. in a printed requisition slip available in the Circulation Counter. All books in the library are arranged in the classified order. Therefore, the correct call number will ensure quick location of the books in the shelves.    
  Career Guidance Books    
  Books relating to different competitive examinations, for career/service and journals/magazines on current information, general knowledge and other documents are separately available for consultation in the reading room.    
  Reprography Services    
  All library members are provided photocopy facilities of the relevant portion of the books and journals etc. available in the library @ 50 paisa per page as per rules.    
  Online Public Access Catalogue    
  A computerized Online Public Access Catalogue(OPAC) is being operated. The OPAC allows search by author, title, subject and keywords of title as well as several other access points. These facilities are available on intranet.    
  Other Important Services    
  Current Awareness Services, Reference and information Service, book exhibition services etc and the documents on Seminar held on in our college, Patrica published by our Teachers Council etc. are kept in this library. These are available for consultation only in reading room.    
  General Rules    
  • On entering the library, every member shall be required to write legibly his /her name, Library Membership ID number, stream, roll number, purpose etc. in the register and also to show Identity Card if asked for.
  • Students are allowed admission to the library on production of the library membership cards only. Library cards are issued /renewed to the students only on production of the fee book after payments of their usual fees.
  • Membership of a student will remain valid in an academic session and will be renewed at the beginning of each session (definitely after admission/readmission/promotion)
  • The students must return the books issued before form filling up of university examination.
  • Before getting books issued, any mutilation or damage should be noticed immediately to the circulation counter, otherwise the member shall be responsible for mutilation and damage afterwards.Smoking, spitting, Mobile strictly prohibited in the library premises.